Paris Apartment – work in progress finishing

resizecourt2a copy

This photo show the different stone work the carpenters and the plaster team have added in the Paris Apartment Court. Once this is done the Scenic artist come in to start the many layers of paint and aging. Then we stand back and look at it and decide if it needs more aging or not. Sometimes we add built in shadowing to help with the look.

Outlander Paris – cobble concrete pour 2


This photo shows the Plaster men and Carpenters pouring the concrete into forms of the courtyard space.
The plaster men bought many different sizes of cobbles and we looked at all of them and then picked what we thought looked the most like 18th century Paris streets. Then Alex the plaster man extraordinaire made a 4ft.x4ft. layout of the cobbles and then made a mold of this and then they stamped the concrete to make our court look like a real 18th century Parisian cobbled courtyard.They did a great job.