Inspiration….Not Outlander but …Cause I Like it!!

tumblr_m4firzZCZZ1rr10yho3_1280yTo PostI found this image last year on some blog and I just Love it!! Sorry I don’t know the Artist.  You might think what the hell does that have to do with Outlander?  Well, to keep this blog from getting boring for You and mostly Me, I will be throwing images that move or touch me in some way.  But to be truthful  I see tons of Symbols, Sacred geometry and Alchemy that we have used in sets through out Outlander.  You know which ones I am talking about.   I like everyone else in the world find Stunning images on blogs and Tumblr. It’s a great place for inspiration for up and coming Designers!

Paris Inspiration

Gold finger To PostThis photo is included because it is beautiful and Gold… I will be posting lots of images that I find inspiring. You might think what does that have to do with Outlander, and I am trying to show up and coming designers that you are inspired by EVERYTHING! Sometimes it is a painting, sculpture, photograph or maybe just someone that passes you by on the street…..just something to thing about, because we are all Artists…Aren’t we?

Samples Of Some Of The Moldings Used In The Paris Apartment Set

paris moldings To PostThis shows just one board of some of the beautiful french rococo molding that we used in the Paris Apartment. I will have to say that picking moldings is one of the really fun parts of the Production Designer, Art Directors or Set Designers jobs!!!!  It is like toys for adults, we love them though they aren’t cheap. Most of these came from a supplier in Chicago. The plaster men would make many many cast of each to cover the walls of the sets.


Inspiration for All The Paris Sets

Paris research book To PostThis is one of the hundreds of books that we used in the Art & Set Decoration Department for inspiration and research. As I have said before lots of people in the Art department are always researching for the continuous upcoming sets. We use research from books, magazines, tons of Feature films and TV shows, google on line and just LIFE itself!

Paris Apartment Parlor Set Going Up

Paris liv 3 doors To Post copyThis photo is to show you all the great detail that the carpenters and plaster men put into the Paris Apartment sets! This is my favorite time during the set building, everything is almost finished being built, floors are done and covered for protection, the moldings and pilasters are all finished and painted, now to glaze and age the walls then Gina Cromwell the Set Decorator brings in all the amazing furnishings. Then they light and shoot the show.

Outlander Inspiration

915px-Franz_von_Stuck_-_The_Kiss_of_the_Sphinx_ 1895-_Google_Art_Project copy To PostThis beautiful painting is called “The Kiss of The Sphinx”, by Franz Von Stuck. Painted in 1895.  I love this painting and just included it to inspire others.