Inspiration….Not Outlander but …Cause I Like it!!

tumblr_m4firzZCZZ1rr10yho3_1280yTo PostI found this image last year on some blog and I just Love it!! Sorry I don’t know the Artist.  You might think what the hell does that have to do with Outlander?  Well, to keep this blog from getting boring for You and mostly Me, I will be throwing images that move or touch me in some way.  But to be truthful  I see tons of Symbols, Sacred geometry and Alchemy that we have used in sets through out Outlander.  You know which ones I am talking about.   I like everyone else in the world find Stunning images on blogs and Tumblr. It’s a great place for inspiration for up and coming Designers!

Paris Apartment Parlor Architectural Details

Paris col cap To PostThis is the point of the sets being built when it really all comes together and takes shape!!!  It is when the artisans from Construction, Plaster and Paint put their final touches on the set.  This photo is a detail of one of the Pilasters with a corinthian column capital. The Pilaster would be built like a tall box in the construction shop. The plaster men would cast the column capitals and the french moldings and apply them to the pilaster.  Then the carpenters would add all the different moldings.  The crown moldings would be cast and added to the top of the walls.  Then scenic artists would do their magic!