Outlander Paris – cobble molding 3

stampcourt1IMG_0877 2

I though you all would enjoy seeing a few photos of how the cobbles were made. Our main Plaster Man Alex King sent me a few photos to share with you. First they pour the concrete into the giant 40ft. X 40ft. form of the court. Next all the plaster men spread out the concrete, then they place the molds that they made of real cobbles on top of the concrete. Next they stamp the molds into the concrete then pull them off and let set for three or four days….and VOILA instant 18th century cobbles!

Outlander Paris – cobble concrete pour 2


This photo shows the Plaster men and Carpenters pouring the concrete into forms of the courtyard space.
The plaster men bought many different sizes of cobbles and we looked at all of them and then picked what we thought looked the most like 18th century Paris streets. Then Alex the plaster man extraordinaire made a 4ft.x4ft. layout of the cobbles and then made a mold of this and then they stamped the concrete to make our court look like a real 18th century Parisian cobbled courtyard.They did a great job.