Star Chamber walls

panelsstarchamberresizedonto our walls then put gold moldings surrounded each one.

The walls in the Star Chamber were covered with 16th Century etchings of sacred geometry. we had this printed on canvas and stretched and tacked onto our walls then put gold moldings surrounded each one.

Floor of Star Chamber


We debated on how to do the floor for a while, I wanted a bronze copy of a
astrolabe in the center of the floor. I also wanted a bronze ring surrounding the ring on the floor underneath the dome and bronze markers for North, South, East and West quadrants.
We talked about having it hand painted, talked about real black and white marble? Our amazing graphics man Brendan Hessle worked out the design on his computer and we ended up having all the black and white marble and symbols printed on giant sheets of sticky back vinyl. The bronze pieces of the center and outer ring were built out of wood and done as inlay into the floor. It worked because it only had to play for a week or so.