10112518A-Big Deal-06-01-11-REA-Yonkers:   Exteriors and interiors of 170 Shonnard Terrace in northern Yonkers.  Art curator and writer Kohle Yohannan (he curated many big shows at museums and did "Model As Muse" at the Met).  He is selling his "castle" in northern Yonkers for $5 million--he bought it about 10 years ago for $469,000 and has done major renovations (including a new roof for $1 million).   There are at least 29 rooms--shots on the 2nd floor and also the main level with the kitchen.   The castle is named "Greystone Court" --changed from former name of " Chateau Fleur-de-Lys". Marilynn K. Yee/The New York Times

 Daybed research from castle  named “Greystone Court” –changed from former name of ” Chateau Fleur-de-Lys”, in NYC.