Paris Apartment Daybed Mirrored Pocket Doors

Screen Shot 2016-08-23 at 2.17.10 PM To Post.copyThis is the only photo I can find of the mirrored daybed pocket doors.  Each mirrored door slides into the pocket in the wall. The mirrors are made to pivot so the Director of photography and their lighting team can pivot them to not see cameras or lights. I love using mirrors on sets but some DP’s do….some don’t.

Jamie & Claire Inside Paris Apartment Daybed

CeqU6MUWEAIzwxp copy..TO POSTThis beautiful photo was a Starz photo shoot of Sam and Cait in the Paris daybed. The back wall was removed and a window was added to have light fall on the Actors faces. Gina Cromwell our brilliant Set Decorator did a great job with all the draperies and furniture in the Paris apartment as always. The Actors, Costumes and Sets look pretty good together.

Paris Apartment Daybed Almost Finished

IMG_4273 To PostThis photo shows the outer part of the daybed almost finished.  The mirrored pocket doors will be added next. The interior walls were made in the construction shop and then carried down to Stage A  to be installed,  moldings added and then painted. The floors were finished and will be aged later.

Paris Apartment Parlor Finished Daybed

This is a close up photo of the finished daybed.  I wanted to show you the back wall which is covered with golden bronze silk,blue mirror squares and gold moldings.  I wanted the mirrors to be blue because I knew that Gina and I were using several blue velvets and silks. I also wanted it to be different than the silver mirror pocket doors on the daybed. We were try to make it very sexy, I think it worked out pretty well. I will try to find a photo of the mirrored doors closed.