Paris Apartment Parlor Set Going Up

Paris liv 3 doors To Post copyThis photo is to show you all the great detail that the carpenters and plaster men put into the Paris Apartment sets! This is my favorite time during the set building, everything is almost finished being built, floors are done and covered for protection, the moldings and pilasters are all finished and painted, now to glaze and age the walls then Gina Cromwell the Set Decorator brings in all the amazing furnishings. Then they light and shoot the show.

Paris Apartment Daybed Mirrored Pocket Doors

Screen Shot 2016-08-23 at 2.17.10 PM To Post.copyThis is the only photo I can find of the mirrored daybed pocket doors.  Each mirrored door slides into the pocket in the wall. The mirrors are made to pivot so the Director of photography and their lighting team can pivot them to not see cameras or lights. I love using mirrors on sets but some DP’s do….some don’t.

Outlander Inspiration

915px-Franz_von_Stuck_-_The_Kiss_of_the_Sphinx_ 1895-_Google_Art_Project copy To PostThis beautiful painting is called “The Kiss of The Sphinx”, by Franz Von Stuck. Painted in 1895.  I love this painting and just included it to inspire others.

Jamie & Claire Inside Paris Apartment Daybed

CeqU6MUWEAIzwxp copy..TO POSTThis beautiful photo was a Starz photo shoot of Sam and Cait in the Paris daybed. The back wall was removed and a window was added to have light fall on the Actors faces. Gina Cromwell our brilliant Set Decorator did a great job with all the draperies and furniture in the Paris apartment as always. The Actors, Costumes and Sets look pretty good together.